I am already registered on Connect. Why do I need to register another profile on the Learning Centre?
  • The Learning Centre and Connect are two separate platforms and, therefore, requires its own registration. The information captured on Connect is exclusively used for that platform and not shared with our other systems.
How do I activate my account?
  • On registration, an email would have been sent to your registered email address. Check your email inbox and spam or junk mail to see if you have received an email with the following subject line: Masthead Learning Centre - Account Activation Required. Click on the link to activate your account. If you attempt to log in but have not activated your account, you will be given the option to resend the activation link to your email inbox. If you still haven’t received this email, please contact us for assistance.


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
  • If you forgot your password, follow this link and click on ‘I forgot my password’.


I should be eligible for the member discount, why am I being charged the full registration cost?
  • If your FSP is already part of Masthead and you are being charged non-member pricing, this may be an error due to the fact that you are not currently linked on our system as an employee of that FSP.
  • To be eligible for the member discount, we would have needed to capture your details before you have registered on the Learning Centre. Please contact us and we will update your account details. We may ask you to re-register for the relevant course or seminar in order to activate your discounts.
I have paid via EFT, when will I have access to the course or seminar information?
  • Your payment will be approved once the payment reflects in the Masthead bank account. This means that you will not have access immediately when paying via EFT as it may take a couple of days to reflect, depending on your bank. Look out for an email from Masthead confirming your payment and access to your course.

Online Learning

How do I access my online course?
  • Once logged in, click on My Learning on the Welcome page or you can navigate to My Learning by clicking on the drop-down next to your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you’re on the My Learning page, click on Go to Courses. This will open your online learning dashboard, where all your online courses and certificates are hosted.
Why did I receive a Masthead Online Learning Course Expiry Notification if I have already completed the course or assessment?
  • This is a system-generated email to remind you when your course or assessment will expire. This email is sent regardless of whether you have completed the course or not, because we also want to give you the opportunity to go back and redo the course or assessment, if you would prefer.
Why can I no longer see my online course on my online learning dashboard?
  • Your course has most likely expired. You will need to contact to find out your options in gaining access to the expired course.
Can I download and save or print my online course content?
  • No, you cannot save or print your course content. However, you can download any available PDF documents linked as additional resources and you can review the course content as many times as you like while during the course access period.
Where can I find my online course certificate?
  • You can download it from your online learning dashboard when you click on the My Certificates tab in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You can download it by clicking on the completed course, and then clicking on the Download Completion Certificate button underneath the CPD Tracker.
  • You will receive an email with your certificate attached, as soon as you have completed the course or assessment.
I have completed my online course but have still not received my certificate. What should I do?
  • If there was a problem with your Internet connection while working through the course, the system may not register that you have viewed all the pages. Please contact for assistance.


Where can I find my seminar certificate?
  • Your seminar certificate will be available after the seminar, once the facilitator has updated your attendance status. This can be found on the My Learning screen, under the History tab.
  • To be eligible for the member discount, we would have needed to capture your details before you have registered on the Learning Centre. Please contact us and we will update your account details. We may ask you to re-register for the relevant course or seminar in order to activate your discounts.
My seminar learning material is not available, and I have paid for my seminar, what do I do?
  • There may be a short delay after payment has been approved before learning material becomes available. This shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes. If you still don’t have access, please contact us for assistance.


How do I cancel a course or seminar registration after payment has been made?
  • Once you’ve successfully registered for an online course or seminar, you have immediate access to the learning material; we will, therefore, not be able to provide a refund. For online courses, we will rather suspend your access until a further date of your choice. Please contact us if you would like to suspend an enrolment. For seminars, please contact us if you would like to transfer your registration to a seminar on a different date.
  • Free seminars: Please let us know by contacting your regional office or if you are no longer able to attend a free seminar. If you fail to attend a free seminar or cancel within 48 hours of the seminar, a penalty fee of R250.00 (including VAT) will apply.


What is the difference between the Learning Centre and Connect?
  • The Learning Centre is a secure site for both Masthead members and the public who are non-members, who would like to attend a Masthead seminar or complete a Masthead online course.
  • Connect is a secure site exclusively available to Masthead members. This site contains information regarding Masthead member benefits as well as compliance tools and templates that can be used in an IFA practice
What is a Masthead Member?
  • The Masthead Financial Advisors Association is a membership body. Independent financial advisors (IFAs) who belong to the Association are called Masthead Members. The key focus of the Association is to provide IFAs with a platform to address regulatory and broader industry concerns and issues and to ultimately influence change to benefit the IFA community.

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